The past two “Covid” years may have kept us in the shadows, but we have still been working on your behalf to support our First Responders.

From reaching out to corporate donors, to meeting with our Fire Chief Darin White to identify how we can best support our firefighters, the Foundation continues to fulfill our mission to provide funds “above and beyond” the basic necessities covered by the City budget.

Take a moment to learn about two recent funding projects and click here to enjoy the Marin Independent Journal’s article about board member Stephen Mizroch, MD,  who makes it a point to visit fire stations during his world-wide travels.

Feeding the Kitchen Kitty

Perhaps you don’t know that each firefighter pays for his or her daily meals and kitchen staples (coffee, peanut butter, condiments) by contributing monthly to the house dues or “kitty.”

Having a fully stocked kitchen allows for the firehouse chefs (ie, the same firefighters who often just sit down to a meal when the alarm sounds) to earn a resounding “Well, that was downright mediocre” from the crew (a high compliment in some quarters!)

With this in mind, the Foundation gathered up shopping wish-lists and filled the station’s pantries of staples, so that the firefighter’s kitty could go a bit farther and earn the chef-of-the-day more accolades.

Board member and secretary Steve Mizroch and Chairman Leonard Thompson went grocery shopping and delivered boxes to each fire station to supplement the house fund.

It was a small effort, but warmly welcomed.

Foundation Creates Fund to Supplement City’s Boot Stipend

Firefighter boots are an essential part of their uniforms. While the City budget includes a bi-annual $160 allowance for each firefighter, costs for boots range from $150 to over $500 for the highest quality, most comfortable boots on the market.

In coordination with the SR Fire Department, the Foundation has agreed to provide $30,000 to fund a supplemental boot stipend to help our first responders offset the cost for the highest quality boots on the market. 

Donor Spotlight

We are pleased to recognize the generous donation of $15,000 to the Boot Fund by San Rafael resident Donna McCusker

Thank You Donna!