“Money, more or less, is always welcome…” B. Franklin, 1748

We need your help to purchase a fire / rescue boat!


7/4/2016 San Rafael Fire Department is first responder to all water rescue incidents along 20 miles of Bay shoreline. SRFD does not own a boat. The nearest responder is 30 minutes minutes away – a potential disaster in extreme fire/rescue situations.

We have the opportunity to purchase a fully equipped 27-foot aluminum hulled fire boat that will substantially enhance San Rafael Fire Department’s ability to respond to incidents on the Bay and adjacent waterways.

The boat is available now from a fire department in the state of Washington. The San Rafael Fire Foundation has about 70% of the purchase price and related costs in our treasury today, but we need an additional $20,000 to complete the purchase.

Please help us make this fire / rescue boat a reality by making a tax deductible donation by clicking the Donate button on any page of this website or by mailing a check payable to San Rafael Fire Foundation to:

San Rafael Fire Foundation
369B Third Street, #257
San Rafael, CA 94901

Negotiations are in progress so time is of the essence. PLEASE DONATE TODAY!

Funds received beyond the fire / rescue boat acquisition costs will be used for future grants to the San Rafael Fire Department for tools, technology, training and public education.

Fireboat "Confidence"

Fireboat “Confidence”

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The San Rafael Fire Foundation operates exclusively from donations. Your tax deductible donation enables the Foundation to enhance the preparedness of our fire fighters and paramedics to continue delivering public safety services at the highest possible level. The annual San Rafael City budget is frequently unable to deliver all of the technology, equipment and training requested by the Fire Department. Our mission begins where the City budget stops.

Click the link on the right side of the page to make an online donation. Or, mail a check payable to San Rafael Fire Foundation to:

San Rafael Fire Foundation
369B Third Street #257
San Rafael, CA 94901

The men and women of San Rafael Fire Department are First Responders to all fire, rescue and medical emergency calls including:

Responsibility for water rescue along more than 20 miles of Bay shoreline, including city, county, and state waterfront.
Over 7,500 emergency calls each year – nearly one call per hour 24×365 – 70% of all emergency calls are medical.
Land rescue over 4,000 acres of urban/wildland intermix area.
Hazardous materials emergencies.
Mutual aid to communities throughout Marin County.
Citizen disaster response training.
2,300 fire safety inspections each year.

Additional equipment, as well as replacement of worn or obsolete equipment, will enhance emergency response times and firefighter safety. Following are examples of needs that we would like to fill with donations:

Water Rescue Equipment: Watercraft equipped for both firefighting and rescue.
Technical Rescue Equipment: Vehicle entrapment rescue equipment, rope and rescue gear.
Firefighter Safety Clothing and Equipment: Turnout gear, wildland helmets and thermal imaging cameras.
Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Equipment: EMS equipped E-bikes, defibrulators and related gear.
Training props: Used in firefighter training for fire suppression, search and rescue, medical response, and firefighter safety.